Unlikely: Journal of the Centre for Creative Arts

Unlikely is a transdisciplinary journal, which aims to open unexpected spaces for artistic exchange and scholarly conversations across mediums, disciplines and continents. Unlikely supports and provokes the research community of practitioners, makers, and scholars working in the creative arts.

This international, peer-reviewed publication presents the opportunity for artists working in practice-led research to engage in conversation with a range of arts scholars on contemporary concerns. An experiment in form, Unlikely engages its audience and contributors in a two-stage process of live event, presenting creative practitioners’ works, followed by peer-reviewed electronic publication. The Centre for Creative Arts and its Unlikely journal will welcome proposals that respond to the provocation of each issue and contribute to the conversation about practice-led research in the academy.

Issue 1: Feral

Undisciplined, disorderly, and extravagant, ferals disrupt and rewrite practices, places, and cultures. To be or do ‘feral’ is to misbehave, to disregard rules, boundaries and the very conditions of orderly movement. Ferals are both above and beneath domestication, un-homely, unstable, uncanny. Always out of place, these biotic hitchhikers prefer to take over the whole damn road.

4 - Unnamed

More information on the artistic contributions is found here.

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